Check out this beautiful, handmade guitar, given to me by legendary luthier to the stars, Lynn Ellsworth. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I’m honored, really. Lynn and his wife Diane are the nicest people. They live in Spokane, Washington.

I interviewed Lynn a few weeks ago for an article about the guitars he makes and has made for Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Pete Townsend, Joe Walsh and others. Lynn has such passion for making guitars with amazing tone and sustain. To hear him tell it, he loves to see the look on a guitarist’s face when he hands them one of his guitars to play on stage. Seeing the musician’s eyes light up is what drives Lynn’s passion for making guitars344.

The guitar Lynn gave to me is made from red fir and laminated onto old growth redwood. The pickups are Dragonfire humbuckers. The Tele style bridge is for added sustain ad intonation of the saddles. It’s half the weight of a Les Paul. I have a Les Paul and I can confirm that this guitar is so light! And truly, the tone is incredible.

For more information about the legendary luthier, Lynn Ellsworth, go to his Facebook page at

Thank you again, Lynn. I love my guitar and will cherish it always.