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“Mississippi Mud” is Derek Davis’ new single from his upcoming album, Resonator Blues out June 1, 2019 via Southern Blood Records. Davis is the former, songwriter, frontman for former Arista Records and Frontiers Records recording artists, Babylon A.D.

On his latest solo release, Derek Davis weaves early Delta Blues, Americana, Folk, Hillbilly Twang, Southern Rock, Traditional and Jump Blues all into one.

Resonator Blues is Derek’s third solo album after his initial 2012 release Re-Volt. His second offering, the 2017 Revolutionary Soul ushered in some great retro soul and was widely praised by music critics and fans alike. Davis has performed and written on twelve albums with a wide range of influences–hard rock, Southern rock, old school R&B soul and now the blues.

On Resonator Blues Derek Davis weaves early Delta Blues, Americana, Folk, Southern Rock, Traditional and Jump Blues into a sound all his own. Bottleneck slide guitar is prevalent on nearly all the tracks accompanied by some wailing harmonica and blistering Texas Telecaster guitar.

Derek Davis sings and plays all the guitars and bass on the record. His vocals are unmistakable,  gritty yet melodic. His guitar work is exceptional and raw.

Davis wrote 10 tracks, except for the two covers on the album, Son House’s “Death Letter” and the Elmore James classic “It Hurts Me Too.” He takes these songs to a new level with some tasteful guitar playing and packs the tracks with some great vocal performances. The weeping distorted slide and Davis’ soulful version of “It Hurts Me Too” brings forth an old soul from within. The Dobro inspired “Death Letter“ transports one back in time to the gospel of the Godfather of blues.

The ten originals songs are an emotional roll-a-coaster ride, lyrically and musically paying homage to an array of different types of American blues music. The title track “Resonator Blues” is a slide driving, piano finger-thumping tune reminiscence of old school Chicago blues, about a snaked tongued hard drinking woman and a softhearted man at his wits end.

To sum it all up, Davis has made one hell of an American Blues album. In a day and age where it seems music is made by computers and programmers that have sucked the life out of the music of today, it’s great to find a hidden gem that can and will stand the test of time. Vinyl anyone?

Track Listing:

1. Resonator Blues
2. Sweet Cream Cadillac
3. Mississippi Mud
4. Penitentiary Bound
5. Jesus set Me Free
6. Red Hot Lover
7. Death Letter
8. Whiskey And Water
9. Unconditional Love
10. It Hurts Me Too
11. Back In My Arms
12. Prison Train

A natural-born singer/songwriter/musician from northern CA, Derek Davis began playing drums at the age of 11, later switching to vocals and guitar. He began his professional music career at the age of 16, writing songs, fronting bands, and headlining clubs, bars, and other music venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 1989, Davis and his newly formed rock band Babylon A.D. soon caught the attention of the legendary music mogul Clive Davis, who signed the band to a recording contract with Arista Records at a private showcase. While at Arista Records, Babylon A.D. released two critically acclaimed CDs: The self-titled “Babylon A.D.” in 1990, which reached gold status, and “Nothing Sacred” in 1992. The last track on the album was the trailer track featured in the Orion Pictures film “RoboCop 2.” The band’s sophomore release Nothing Sacred produced two more Top 10 metal rockers, “Bad Blood” and “So Savage The Heart.” With strong video rotation on MTV and constant touring, Babylon A.D. soon became one of hard rock fans’ most popular bands.

As a former songwriter/co-publisher with Virgin/EMI Records, Davis has been fortunate to write songs and collaborate on various music projects with many notable songwriters and producers such as Jack Ponti (Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi), Tom Werman (Motley Crue and Cheap Trick), Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith), Gene Black (Rod Stewart), and Michael Anthony (Van Halen). Over the past 28 years, Davis has showcased his singing, songwriting, and musicianship in several areas. He has had several songs placed in films and TV, and has recorded eight albums with Babylon A.D., one with his band American Blues Box, and one with the band Moonshine.

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