10 New Outstanding Blues Rock Roots Songs Fall 2019, Martine Ehrenclou, Rock and Blues Muse10 New Outstanding Blues and Roots Songs Fall 2019

By Martine Ehrenclou

As Fall approaches, some terrific new blues and roots albums are going to be released such as Kill Or Be Kind by Samantha Fish, War In My Mind by Beth Hart, Back To Blues Vol. 2 by Black Stone Cherry, Live At The Sydney Opera House by Joe Bonamassa and many more.

Until then, here are 10 new songs from artists that are so good I could not keep them to myself. I enjoy sharing excellent music. There’s nothing like the thrill of turning people on to great songs they might not have heard before.

From our reviews on Rock and Blues Muse, some of you might think that we praise all music but that’s simply not true. I pick blues, rock, roots and soul artists for us to review and interview that I’m truly excited about and don’t feature those that aren’t a good match. I don’t believe in negative reviews or even dinging an artist’s work. I simply choose not to feature them. But the music I’m really enthused about is featured on Rock and Blues Muse.

Here are some of my new personal favorites from outstanding artists. I hope you enjoy. They are not in any particular order. This is not a “best of” list.

If you think of new songs that you want people to hear, please put them in the comment section below with a personal note from you. At a later date, we’ll publish an article with your favorites.

Seth James “Ain’t Whatcha Eat But The Way How You Chew It”
From his album Good Life.
Info and review see here.

Billy Price “Working On Your Chain Gang”
From his album, Dog Eat Dog.
Info and review see here.

Beth Hart “Bad Woman Blues”
From her upcoming album, War In My Mind.
For info see here.

Black Stone Cherry “Me & The Devil Blues”
From their upcoming album, Back To Blues Vol. 2
For info see here. 

Jontavious Willis “The Blues Is Dead?”
From his album, Spectacular Class.
For info and review see here. 

Ronnie Earl “Baby How Long”
From his album, Beyond The Blue Door.
For info and review see here.

Christone Kingfish Ingram “Fresh Out” Feat. Buddy Guy
From his album, Kingfish
For info and review see here.

The Altered Five Blues Band “Too Mad To Make Up”
From their album, Ten Thousand Watts.
For info and review see here.

Nick Moss Band Feat. Dennis Gruenling “312 Blood”
From their album Lucky Guy!
For info and review see here.

Samantha Fish “Bulletproof”
From her upcoming album Kill Or Be Kind.
For info see here.

Southern Avenue “Switchup”
From their album, Keep On.
For info and review see here.

Okay, so it was eleven songs but I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy them. Leave your songs and comments below.