Lauren Anderson, vocalist and songwriter, new single release, "Keep On", Rock and Blues Muse

Lauren Anderson

Nashville-based soulful rocker, killer vocalist and songwriter, Lauren Anderson released a new single and video, “Keep On” that was 100% recorded, mixed and mastered while in quarantine. “Keep On” speaks to the perseverance required to get through this pandemic together. The video consists of images of the pandemic taken in three large cities–Nashville, Chicago and Kansas City, usually bustling with people.

Lauren Anderson sings “Keep On” with soul and fire. The tune is about struggling to get through the pandemic, and the importance of moving forward.

Once the pandemic hit, touring came to a halt and the world became isolated. Similar to musicians throughout the world, Anderson began to wonder what her life would look like if touring wasn’t a possibility. With 30+ gigs canceled in just April and May of 2020, Anderson decided it was time to get creative in new ways.

Lauren always wanted to record a tune that paid homage to the original roots of rhythm and blues and wrote, “Keep On.” She says, “Back when sometimes all you had was a couple of voices and an out-of-tune guitar. And maybe no one heard your song, but that wasn’t the point. Blues was created out of oppression and is a way to remind us that we’re not alone. I can never fully understand what those times were like, but I can do my best to pay tribute to it. And I think it’s a message that still holds strong today. Especially during a pandemic.”

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Anderson doesn’t have a recording studio or drums in her house, but one of her roommates, Caleb Hart, is an audio engineer and helped her track the rhythm parts. He clapped into a mic and then recorded the bass drum part off of hitting a large shoe bin with his bare hands. Then Anderson spent the better part of a day singing into an old microphone in her room, with a sock over it to work as a pop filter. Once recorded, she sent it over to a friend, Taylor Lonardo, to mix and master, and just like that, it was ready to be released.

Originally from Chicago, Anderson was classically trained as a vocalist and pianist for most of her early life. She eventually took her love of music and singing to the Quad cities where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis on voice. After finishing her master’s degree in music therapy in 2012, she worked as a music therapist on a pediatric unit and at schools for at-risk youth in Kansas City. Having been encouraged to have a backup plan because having a career in music was difficult and unpredictable, she found that her passion for singing and music was strong as ever. She began performing solo gigs in Kansas City area and put together her full band. She released her first official EP, Do & Hope, in August of 2014. In 2015, she released her full length album, Truly Me, and became a full time musician and moved to Nashville in 2017. Lauren Anderson’s latest EP, The Game now available on all platforms.

“Keep On” is available on all digital platforms here. 

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