Review: Rory Gallagher ‘Check Shirt Wizard-Live In ’77’

Rory Gallagher Check Shirt Wizard Live In 77, album review, Rock and Blues Muse

By Mike O’Cull

Irish bluesman Rory Gallagher was always known as a fierce live performer and those not fortunate enough to catch him first-hand can still feel his power on his new posthumous release Check Shirt Wizard – Live In ‘77. The set comes out March 6th, 2020 via Chess/UMC as two CDs or three vinyl records and contains 20 previously unreleased live recordings from shows in early 1977 in London, Brighton, Sheffield and Newcastle. Many of the selected tracks [Read More]

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Review: Pi Jacobs ‘Two Truths and a Lie’

Pi Jacobs, Two Truths and a Lie, album review, Rock and Blues Muse

By Mike O’Cull

Southern California-based singer/songwriter Pi Jacobs is a rich and vibrant talent who is going to catch a lot of ears with her new album Two Truths and a Lie. Released February 21st, 2020 on Travianna Records, the record shows Jacobs to be a fine, literate songwriter unafraid to top her blues/Americana cuts with lyrics that speak her personal truth out loud. The songs tell the stories of female characters (both fictional and historic) who have stood up to [Read More]

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Review: Robert Cray ‘That’s What I Heard’

Robert Cray, That's What I Heard, album review, Rock and Blues Muse

By Mike O’Cull

Blues legend Robert Cray unleashes his considerable talents yet again on his new record That’s What I Heard. The set drops February 28th, 2020 thanks to Nozzle Records/Thirty Tigers. Produced by Steve Jordan, That’s What I Heard is a show of gratitude to Cray’s soul, gospel, blues, and R&B inspirations including Bobby “Blue” Bland, Curtis Mayfield, The Sensational Nightingales, and others but also contains four fresh new originals from Robert’s own hand. From start to finish, the record is [Read More]

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Review: Collateral by British Rock Band Collateral

Collateral, British rock band, self-titled album, review, Rock and Blues Muse

By Mike O’Cull

British rock band Collateral delivers its hotly-anticipated self-titled debut album Collateral to fans everywhere on February 21st, 2020 via Roulette Media Records. The flamboyant Kent-based four-piece group has been causing a ruckus since releasing its first tracks in November of 2018 and its straight-ahead classic rock and metal-inspired sound has found quite a bit of traction around the world. Collateral is the band’s first full-length effort but, at only nine songs in total, is an “all killer no filler” record [Read More]

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Review: It’s A Mighty Hard Road by Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby, It's A Mighty Hard Road, album review, Rock and Blues Muse

By Mike O’Cull

Turbulent and eclectic New York-style blues guitar legend Popa Chubby digs deep and opens a can on his brand new album It’s A Mighty Hard Road. The record hits March 2nd, 2020 in the US and February 14th, 2020 in Europe on Dixiefrog Records, his first for the label after five years elsewhere, and is meant to celebrate Popa’s 30th year in the blues business. Popa became an icon in the course of those three decades, forging an [Read More]

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Review: Richie Kotzen ’50 For 50′

Richie Kotzen, 50 For 50, album review, Rock and Blues Muse
By Mike O’Cull

Guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around rock and roll superhero Richie Kotzen delivers the most ambitious project of his career with his new release 50 For 50. It’s a three-disc set of 50 new original songs that dropped February 3rd, 2020 on Kotzen’s own Headroom-Inc. label that’s meant to commemorate his 50th birthday. This is Kotzen’s 22nd solo album and proves beyond doubt that his skills and creativity have done nothing but grow with the passing of time. 50 songs [Read More]

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Review: Front Porch by The Mary Jo Curry Band

Front Porch, Mary Jo Curry Band, album review, Rock and Blues Muse, Martine Ehrenclou

By Martine Ehrenclou

Based in Central Illinois but ready to bust out the world over, The Mary Jo Curry Band is set to release their latest album, Front Porch on February 21st. Front Porch features powerhouse vocalist Mary Jo Curry and her outstanding band. This is blues music with a rock n’ roll bite.

Front Porch screams live performance with a sassy, live-wire vocalist with the chops to front a band with top quality musicianship, including guests Albert Castiglia, Andrew Duncanson, and [Read More]

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