Album Review: Chills & Thrills by Bernard Allison. The Blues is in Good Hands!

Photo: Lisa Gray

By Dave Resto

OK blues fans, it’s summer. We’re all looking to relax and get our groove on. Why not let guitarist Bernard Allison lead the way? All you have to do is go back a few years to his 2007 release, Chills and Thrills (Jazzhaus Records) and he’ll deliver exactly that.

As the son of the late Chicago blues guitarist Luther Allison, Bernard Allison has been on the blues scene for his entire adult life. Beginning right after high school, he went on the road with the legendary Koko Taylor [Read More]

Iris Wide Shut: Why Donnie Iris and Cruisers are worth a second look

Donnie Iris and the Cruisers

By Derek Malone

A recent nostalgia kick I’ve been on as of late has been the reevaluation of certain pop songs and artists from the early 1980’s, namely Donnie Iris and the Cruisers. I happened upon his name completely by accident while perusing old Billboard singles charts.

In this period, the “Disco Sucks” sentiment was strong, the backlash against its short-lived cultural dominance well underway. It seemed like almost every song on the radio had some hard rock element to it, no matter the artist (anything to avoid being branded with the scarlet [Read More]

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