Interview with Guitarist Singer Jackie Venson

Interview, Jackie Venson, singer, songwriter, guitarist, Martine Ehrenclou, Rock and Blues Muse

By Martine Ehrenclou

Hot off a European and U.S. tour, rising talent Jackie Venson, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, is known for her soulful grooves, insane blues guitar chops and smoky vocals. Born in Austin Texas, Venson is a classically trained pianist and picked up guitar when she attended Berklee College of Music in 2011.

Jackie Venon’s music is more than blues—it’s a contemporary take on raw blues and soul, with echoes of rock and R&B. Her introspective lyrics, like many artists, take on current [Read More]

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Interview with Alastair Greene

Interview, Alastair Greene, Rock and Blues Muse

By Kevin Porter

Blues-rock guitarist, singer-songwriter, Alastair Greene has been thrilling audiences for nearly two decades and especially fans in his native Southern California. He is well known and respected for his mix of blues, rock and soul, as well as his melodic guitar solos and slide playing. He toured with and played on five albums with progressive rock legend Alan Parsons, and played on albums released by drummer Aynsley Dunbar and Blues singer, harmonica legend and former member of WAR, [Read More]

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Interview with Anthony Gomes

Interview, Anthony Gomes, blues-rock guitarist, Kevin Porter, Rock and Blues Muse

By Kevin Porter

Canadian-born, blues-rock guitar maestro, Anthony Gomes just released his 13thalbum, Peace, Love and Loud Guitars, a tour de force of Gomes’ trademark soulful singing and rocking guitar playing. Gomes has won numerous awards including Artist of the Year by BluesWax magazine, Best Musician and Live Performer award at the 2017 European Blues Awards and was named one of the 10 top guitarists in the world by Music Tasters Choice. He has performed in 17 countries and opened for artists such [Read More]

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Interview with Davey Rimmer of Uriah Heep

Interview, Davey Rimmer, Uriah Heep, Rock and Blues Muse Photo: Richard Stow

By Kevin Porter

Bassist Davey Rimmer is the newest member of Uriah Heep, having joined in 2013. Rimmer is a self-taught musician, playing along with vinyl records such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and ironically, Uriah Heep. Known to its fans simply as “Heep,” the band was one of the early forerunners of marrying hard rock and progressive rock, and features a five-part vocal harmony attack that is unique only to Uriah Heep. The band recently released its 25th studio album, Living [Read More]

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Interview with Selwyn Birchwood

Interview, Selwyn Birchwood, Kevin Porter, Rock and Blues Muse Photo: Ivy Neville

By Kevin Porter

When people ask me about new artists that I’m listening to, Selwyn Birchwood is one name that I almost always mention. A triple threat songwriter, singer, and guitar player, Birchwood has released two absolutely stunning albums on Alligator Records, Don’t Call No Ambulance in 2014, and Pick Your Poison in 2017. His music is a smoking mix of blues, rock, funk, soul, and even a little country, and he plays guitar and lap guitar with a fierce intensity. [Read More]

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