Video of the Week: Toby Lee & Laurence Jones “Live At Leamington”

Video of the Week, Toby Lee, Rock and Blues Muse

If you haven’t heard about this 13-year-old bluesman, you’re in for a treat. Toby Lee is a fabulous blues-rock guitarist for any age. You have to watch him to see his virtuoso guitar chops and great tone and feel. He has been playing since he was four years old. At age eight, he learned that BB King was seriously ill and recorded a get well video and posted it on Facebook. The video went viral.

Joe Bonamassa shared that video on [Read More]

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Video of the Week: Rebecca Laird, Blues Guitarist Extraordinaire

Video of the Week, Rebecca Laird, Rock and Blues Muse

20-year-old guitarist and songwriter from Houston, TX, Rebecca Laird took up playing guitar at the age of 13. Her musical influences began with the Vaughan brothers, then Alan Hayes, Albert Collins, Robben Ford, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Matt Schofield, BB, Albert and Freddie King, and more.

Rebecca’s life changed dramatically one day when her parents showed her a PBS special featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan. Immediately captivated, Rebecca picked up her Strat and began learning the songs she had [Read More]

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Video of the Week: Shaw Davis & The Black Ties

Video of the Week, Shaw Davis & The Black Ties, Rock and Blues Muse, Martine Ehrenclou

By Martine Ehrenclou

We are proud to feature the new video, “You’ve Done lost Your Good Thing” by Shaw Davis & The Black Ties.

Every once in a while, a new artist or band comes along that completely blows me away. You’ll see what I mean when you press play on the video. We featured this guitar virtuoso and soulful blues singer once before with our review of his 2018 release, Alive from Legacy.” Many of [Read More]

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Video of the Week: Tab Benoit, “Night Train” 3.2018

Night Train, Tab Benoit, Video of the Week, Rock and Blues Muse

“Night Train” is a classic Tab Benoit song performed at Rams Head On Stage, March 6, 2018 in Annapolis, MD, shot by Natasha from 1AnitrasDance on YouTube. Thanks to her for use of this video.

This video features Benoit’s scorching blues vocals and blazing guitar chops and Eric Johanson on guitar. Benoit is a Blues favorite and  Louisiana’s #1 blues-roots artist for good reason.

If you haven’t heard of Tab Benoit, you’re in for a nice surprise. He has a massive following and [Read More]

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Video of the Week: “Fire and Water” Paul Rodgers and Joe Bonamassa

This is some video with Paul Rodgers and Joe Bonamassa. Paul Rodgers continues to amaze. At 68 years of age, his voice sounds better than ever. And what a voice. Joe Bonamassa, one of the great modern blues guitarists, blows us away with his slammin’ guitar chops on this song by Rodgers’ group called, Free. This video is simply one of the best. Two A-list musicians at the top of their game.

Founding member of Free, Bad Company and The Firm, Paul Rodgers is a Grammy-nominated solo artist, powerhouse vocalist [Read More]

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