Review: Alive from Legacy by Shaw Davis & The Black Ties

By Scott Bampton

Released in late January 2018, Alive from Legacy is the new three-track record from the contemporary blues-rock powerhouse, Shaw Davis & The Black Ties. And considering the band only recently released its first album in June 2017, the trio is clearly keen to capitalize on the newfound attention brought by their self-titled debut.

As the name suggests, Alive from Legacy is a live-recording, intended to capture the energy of the band’s shows in and around their native Florida – as well as further afield in Pennsylvania and California. The [Read More]

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Album Review: Burn it Down by Eric Johanson

By Martine Ehrenclou

Grab your headphones. You’re in for a treat with the debut album, Burn It Down by Eric Johanson, out now on Whisky Bayou Records. Produced by Tab Benoit (who also plays drums on the album) is a richly honed blues-rock-roots album with grit and spirit, rockin’ rhythms, and a masterful guitar player with soul. Burn It Down has a fresh sound with nuances of the Bayou on its 11 tracks. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better than this, it has well-crafted songs with meaningful lyrics, all but [Read More]

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The Bogart Jones Band, 14th & Willow, New Artist Feature

By Martine Ehrenclou

The Bogart Jones Band, from Central Illinois, was our first New Artist Feature to be chosen out of 35 music submissions featured by Rock and Blues Muse back in January. With a blend of rock and soul, blues and southern funk, this band caught our attention immediately. Since we first published a review of their album, they’ve come a long way and have received quite a bit of media attention. Check their website and tour schedule for more information.

After hearing the first song on their new album, [Read More]

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Album Review: Outstanding Blues-Rock Band, Henrik Freischlader Trio!

Photo: Tim Wilke

By Martine Ehrenclou

As soon as I clicked on the first couple of tracks of the Henrik Freischlader Trio’s 2016 album, Openness, I knew I’d struck gold. This is one bad**s power blues-rock trio with soul. And I use the term blues-rock lightly with this band. Their music is not pure blues. Henrik blends styles such as rock, blues and jazz with serious grooves. Talk about exquisite musicianship—the Henrik Freischlader Trio has that and a whole lot more.

Maybe some of you know of the Henrik Freischlader band. For those of [Read More]

Album Review: Davy Knowles-Three Miles from Avalon

Davy Knowles

By Tom O’Connor

Why are British musicians, even after all these years, still so enthralled with The Blues? Probably for the same reasons so many Mexican kids in SoCal are such dedicated Morrissey fans; emotional truth is both timeless and borderless. When music speaks to what is in your heart – as so few other human-created things can – that is all that matters, really. Davy Knowles is a young man from a wind-swept island in the middle of the Irish Sea, but it is pretty clear he spent his childhood soaking [Read More]