Interview with Mike Zito, blues-rock guitarist, singer, producer

Interview, Mike Zito, Blues musician, blues guitarist, Rock and Blues Muse Photo: Natasha Cornblatt

By Kevin Porter

Mike Zito is a man of many musical talents—a great guitar player, singer, songwriter and producer—and he displays them all on his most recent album, First Class Life, his 15thin 20 years.  His new album was recorded at Zito’s new studio that opened up last year, and not surprisingly, artists are flocking to it to take advantage of Zito’s experience and knowledge.  He also formed and played in Royal Southern Brotherhood and tours with other blues stars [Read More]

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Ann Wilson of Heart Releases New Video “I Am The Highway”

Photo: Kimberly Adamis

ANN WILSON of HEART, one of rock’s most distinctive and powerful vocalists, has released “I Am the Highway” as the first track from her new album that’s due out September 14 on BMG. Fittingly titled Immortal, the album features 10 musically diverse tracks that pay tribute to some of Ann’s influences and friends who’ve recently passed and whose music poignantly lives on.

“I Am The Highway”–originally an Audioslave song that was sung by the late Chris Cornell and written with his bandmates—is released today. The song is also available as [Read More]

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Video of the Week: ‘Roads’ by Michael Kobrin

Michael Korbin, Roads, Rock and Blues Muse, Video of the Week

We decided to do our “Video of the Week” early this week, mainly because we came across a video, “Roads” by Michael Kobrin, a guitar player that wowed us and we wanted to share it with you.

From Israel, Michael Kobrin has dazzling percussive guitar chops combined with great groove. Just listen to “Roads.” This guitarist, singer, songwriter has some of the tightest rhythm around and his guitar playing is soulful and unique. Wait for the blues outro.

Groomed to become a boxer by [Read More]

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Tom Petty Box Set of Unreleased 60 Songs Announced

Tom Petty, American Treasure Announcement, Rock and Blues Muse

Tom Petty’s website has had a time clock that ended today, July 11th. According to Variety, The Tom Petty Channel on SiriusXM announced that four CDs of unreleased music from Tom Petty’s vault will be released in a boxed set called, “American Treasure” out September 28th. The set will include previously 60 songs, previously unreleased live and studio recordings, put together by Petty’s daughter, Adria, his wife Dana, Heartbreakers members Mike Campbell and Benmont Trenth, and longtime engineer for [Read More]

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Review: Twenty Something Nightmare by Vista Kicks

Album review, Twenty Something Nightmare, Vista Kicks, Rock and Blues Muse

By Tom O’Connor

Ambitious California band, Vista Kicks, takes some giant steps in their new sophomore album (18 tracks!,)
Twenty Something Nightmare, due for release on July 13 from Little Hook Records. On this extensive collection, Vista Kicks sets their sonic sights higher than just keeping bodies moving. They want to keep your synapses firing too. Few of these songs settle into a single tempo, groove or even overall feeling. There are more shifts and changes, bordering on outright time-jumps, than I’ve heard on [Read More]

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