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About Rock & Blues Muse

Founded in December of 2016, Rock and Blues Muse is an independent music magazine devoted to blues, blues/rock, rock, Southern rock, roots music, some soul and funk music, with an emphasis on great guitar players. Discover new, outstanding music all the time.

With music writers from around the globe, we feature artist interviews, concert and album reviews, video and single premieres, featured videos and singles, current music news, playlists and more.

We pride ourselves on promoting not only the top well-known artists and bands but also undiscovered artists that we think you should know about. We hand pick all the music and feature only the best.

Couldn’t make it to a concert you were dying to attend? Check us out. You’ll feel like you were there.

We keep you up-to-date on your favorite upcoming albums, concerts, singles, videos and music news, and more.  Consider us your music resource. We’re on it.

We love music as much as you do. If you enjoy discovering phenomenal music, join us for the celebration of real music by real musicians.

Martine Ehrenclou

Contributing Writers:

Tom O’Connor

Mike O’Cull

Chris Wheatley

Mark Westin

Rob Rheubottom