Review: Ruthie Foster Big Band ‘Live At The Paramount’

Live At The Paramount, Ruthie Foster Big Band, album review, Rock and Blues Muse Ruthie Foster

By Mike O’Cull

Three-time Grammy nominee and nine-time Blues Music Award winner Ruthie Foster shows us all again why we love her on her new record Live At The Paramount. The album came out May 15th, 2020 on Blue Corn Music and captures Foster’s glory in a brass-heavy big band context. The set was recorded live January 26th, 2019 at the 105-year-old Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas and is an extraordinary mix of Ruthie’s blues and gospel genius [Read More]

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Review: Buffalo Fuzz ‘Volume II’

Buffalo Fuzz, Volume II, album review, Rock and Blues Muse Buffalo Fuzz

By Mike O’Cull

Buffalo Fuzz is a tough-toned, supremely distorted heavy blues/rock duo from Minnesota that gets it done the hard way on its latest release Volume II. The record drops June 5th, 2020 and is overloaded with gritty blues/stoner/doom tracks that hit harder than expected. Jared Zachary (guitar, lead vocals) and Jake Allan (drums, backing vocals) are a two-man groove factory in the Black Sabbath mode, kicking out power-chord-and-drum jams topped with wailing vocals that often deal with themes of life [Read More]

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Review: ‘Sunshine’ The Black Moods

The Black Moods, Sunshine, album review, Rock and Blues Muse The Black Moods

By Mike O’Cull

The Black Moods deliver the straight-up rock and roll goods on the band’s sophomore record Sunshine, which dropped May 8th, 2020 on the Steelhorse Entertainment/The Fuel imprint.

The group is a mighty power trio made up of frontman/guitarist Josh Kennedy, drummer Chico Diaz and bassist Jordan Hoffman that makes great, crunching rock music with big guitar tones, strong hooks, and excellent lyrics. The three players exhibit a strong classic rock influence but also have cool things of their own [Read More]

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Review: ‘Memphis Loud’ Victor Wainwright & The Train

Memphis Loud, Victor Wainwright and the Train, album review, Rock and Blues Muse Victor Wainwright

By Chris Wheatley

Call it jump-blues, boogie-woogie, honky-tonk or plain old rock ‘n roll, the music which Grammy nominee, Savannah-born pianist Victor Wainwright records and so clearly adores, practically crackles with electricity. It’s a force summoned from the deep roots of the earth and channelled through the spirit and into his fingers, powered by American history and informed by decades of roots music.

Set to release May 22, 2020 on Ruf Records, Memphis Loud is Wainwright’s sixth album since emerging [Read More]

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Review: ‘Shine” Ana Christina Cash

Ana Christina Cash, Shine, album review, Rock and Blues Muse Shine

By Mike O’Cull

Ana Cristina Cash makes singer-songwriter magic on her latest full-length effort Shine, which was released by Avondale Records on April 24th, 2020. Her songs mix a base of rockabilly and gritty blues with soul jazz, and country overtones that results in a unique, identifiable sound. She’s a clear and confident vocalist with an emotive tone that meshes well with the sharply-written lyrics she conveys here. Cash wrote or co-wrote 12 of the 14 songs on Shine and shows a talent [Read More]

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Review: Grandview Drive by Eric Steckel

Eric Steckel, Grandview Drive, album review, Rock and Blues Muse Eric Steckel Grandview Drive

By Chris Wheatley

Shredding, wailing guitar, monstrous, clawing riffs which rear and howl; the opening three minutes and forty-seven seconds of Eric Steckel’s new album Grandview Drive roar in celebration of the power and spirit of rock music. It is a slab of pounding rhythm with subtly swinging drums, assured, rough-edged vocals and to finish, a lingering burnout of beautifully orchestrated noise. The album is set to release May 15, 2020.

It is no understatement to describe guitarist Eric Steckel as a [Read More]

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Review: Magnificent Heart by Peter Karp

Peter Karp, Magnificent Heart, album review, Rock and Blues Muse Peter Karp

By Chris Wheatley

Born on the banks of the Hudson and partly raised in rural Alabama, multi-instrumentalist and singer Peter Karp has a long and distinguished career as a performer and songwriter. For such a talented artist, solo releases have been comparatively few, which makes new album Magnificent Heart an especially welcome release. From the opening seconds of the record, it is clear that this is a musician steeped in the blues, and the blues, perhaps more than any other genre, is [Read More]

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