Teddy Swims, new cover, What's Going On, Marvin Gaye, Rock and Blues Muse

Teddy Swims

Our ‘Video of the Week’ is Teddy Swims’ new cover of the Marvin Gaye tune, “What’s Going On” and Swims certainly does this song justice. 50 years after the release, What’s Going On is the eleventh album by American soul singer, songwriter and producer Marvin Gaye, released in 1971.

What a beautiful and soulful voice. American singer/songwriter Teddy Swims never fails to channel his soul into the music he sings. From Atlanta, GA,  Swims is not yet a household name but he will be. He has shared his music and made himself known on YouTube and other social media. Swims lends his emotional take on this moving tune by the great Marvin Gaye.

If you don’t know of Jaten Dimsdale, known by his moniker, Teddy Swims, just go to his YouTube channel–his music speaks for itself. Without any PR info, the number of followers, speak volumes about his talents. 1.6 Mill subscribers on YouTube, 212k followers on Instagram, 1,215,581 followers on his Facebook page. His voice, his musicianship and his message are what attract so many people to follow him. His goal, according to Live Music News & Review, is to break barriers and bring people together. Swims explores many genres of music, including soul/funk, country, gospel, R&B, show tunes, metal, and pop. And Swims’ vocals have swept parts of the world with impressive phrasing, exceptional tone and above all a unique soulfulness.

According to the Teddy Swims YouTube page, he’s working on a new album with his band Elefvnts. With sold out shows across the UK and the US, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Teddy Swims, and soon.

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