Malina Moye, guitarist, singer songwriter, Enough, new single, Rock and Blues Muse

Strat slinging guitarist, singer-songwriter, Malina Moye released her new contemporary rock, vintage soul video “Enough” from her Billboard number one album “Bad As I Wanna Be” this week. The video uses the backdrop of Los Angeles to showcase the beautiful differences of the people who are the heart and melting pot of America.

Malina Moye is one of the world’s top guitarists who has carved out her lane in today’s music, straddling both Rock and Soul genres, and has become one of the premiere guitarists of this generation.

With an impassioned performance, Malina Moye delivers the underlying theme of the song, pointing out that perhaps it’s not us who need to change, but those in America who need to be more accepting. The song’s sound is Rock-vintage soul with contemporary elements, culminating with an emotional guitar solo by Moye.

“One of my jobs as an artist is to start uncomfortable conversations,” Malina Moye explains. “For instance, I experienced first hand what it’s like for me and folks who look like me, to not be represented in the music industry on certain platforms—those that are supposed to celebrate the musician and their instrument. Then I finally realized something. It had nothing to do with skill or sound, but rather that some of us would never fit into the stereotypical image of what the old industry guard thinks certain genres of music should look like.”

Moye’s message is timely and important.

“So as a black female songwriter-guitarist, I started writing about it,” Moye adds. “I realized that this experience is a common denominator with anyone who’s been told time and again ‘you don’t fit in’ or ‘you’re not good enough.’ And I decided to take back my power and launch the #IAMENOUGH campaign to remind myself that I am young, I am black, I am a woman, and I am somebody. So I am encouraging everyone to celebrate who you are right now in this moment—not who you’re trying to be, but exactly who you are now. You are enough.”

With accolades from publications such as Billboard, Guitar World, and Vogue, and having graced some of music’s biggest stages—SXSW, Bospop, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Malina Moye brings a unique brand and charisma to music unlike any artist in the world today.

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