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Tony Spinner

By Martine Ehrenclou

The 10th solo album from guitar master, singer and songwriter Tony Spinner, Love Is The Answer is a blast of fresh, blues-infused rock with a heavy dose of groove. Out on Grooveyard Records, the album features 12 original tracks of soul-powered guitar heaven. Add in Spinner’s smooth, soulful vocals and tight rhythm section, and you’ve got an antidote for troubled times. There’s plenty of killer guitar riffing and outstanding musicianship but there’s more than that to Love Is The Answer—catchy tunes.  It’s his first solo release since Earth Music For Aliens (2013.)

From Jonesboro, Arkansas, Tony Spinner toured and recorded with Pat Travers, Paul Gilbert, and with the band Toto for nine years. He’s a world class, seasoned guitar player and singer, whose contemporary fingerprint on guitar-driven rock is branded with a sense of fun and playfulness.

On Love Is the Answer, the highly listenable tracks address social and life issues with a positive spin. Recorded in 2020, the album features long-time rhythm section composed of Spinner on guitar and vocals, Michael Mulder on bass and Alex Steier on drums. The record is innovative musically, spiked with mind-blowing guitar.

The album kicks off with “Same As It Ever Was,” a blues/rocker that opens with a tease of psychedelia, only to crack open the Tony Spinner groove. A song about how some people just can’t be enlightened as hard as you try,  it’s a blend of incredible rhythm, rocking drumming and bass. It’s a perfect high energy album opener with dazzling guitar riffs, some wah-soaked, and interesting chord changes.

With a firm grip on rhythm, “Dizzy” is an energetic, funky gem. An upbeat mood boost of a song, with Spinner rockin’ it on vocals, singing about trusting the truth in the midst of chaos. Tremendous groove is the name of the game here, along with riffing magic and a sinewy guitar solo that’s punchy at the same time. Great song.

If you think you’ve heard it all with guitar-driven, blues infused rock albums, you haven’t heard Love Is the Answer. Spinner has a unique style. Superb, rhythmic guitar playing with one foot in old school rock but another firmly rooted in the present. His music has a modern lightness to it, servicing the song with tasty riffs, expert drumming and bass. Have a listen to “UFO.” It’s fun with jazzy, funky overtones and effects that fit right in with the theme. Spinner is having a great time with this tune about seeing, you guessed it, a UFO.

The album is well rounded, featuring upbeat rock tunes, some with swampy flavors and slide guitar, others with shades of 70’s rock with harmonies not unlike The Doobie Brothers. There’s rolling rockers and a glittering instrumental with some fine guitar and bass playing. One beautiful ballad, title track, “Love Is The Answer” has Spinner’s magic touch on a melodic and graceful guitar solo to match the tone and message in the lyrics about trusting ones instincts. His smooth vocals peak on this track.

There’s more wisdom in the lyrics from Spinner, cloaked in old school soul and flair. This is uplifting music at a time when it’s needed most. If that isn’t enough to spring you out of your lockdown, the music and superb musicianship surely will.

Love is the Answer by Tony Spinner is no ordinary, blues-infused rock album. It’s as bright and contemporary as it is musically brilliant.

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