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Grammy Award nominees, Larkin Poe release their new music video for “Take What You Want” (Post Malone) from their new acoustic album Kindred Spirits, out Friday, November 20, 2020. Stripping back all the big production, drum tracks and vocal effects of the original, Larkin Poe created a standout–a soulful, roots version with resonant acoustic guitar, gritty lap steel and beautiful vocals.

Rolling Stone Country

“The Lovells are singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist sisters creating their own brand of Roots rock ‘n’ roll: gritty, soulful and flavored by their Southern heritage.”

“This is a wonderful romp, the sisters are clearly having fun, and interpreting top-notch material to fit the Larkin Poe style is a productive way to kill time during a pandemic.”
American Songwriter

“Their adventurous modern attitude toward their tunes
makes all the difference.”
The Boot

“Throughout Kindred Spirits, Larkin Poe shows an emotional depth and artistic flexibility that transforms each song into a new creation, sometimes even improving on the original. “
Glide Magazine

“Kindred Spirits is the perfect title for the album: The spirit of these songs lives in Larkin Poe, and they carry that spark across generations for a new group of listeners.”
No Depression

“You just can’t fake this kind of talent…Their ability to transform most of these songs in the way they did, is one more testament to their extraordinary musical ability and grit. They take chances, which in itself is fresh. They wouldn’t have gotten this far if they hadn’t.”
– Rock and Blues Muse

Tomorrow, Larkin Poe will release KINDRED SPIRITS, their first-ever covers album – a collection of stripped-back versions of both classic and new songs. KINDRED SPIRITS is Larkin Poe’s second full-length of 2020 released on their own Tricki-Woo Records. The album was self-produced by Larkin Poe from their home studio in Nashville.


Watch “Take What You Want” (Post Malone ) 

In celebration of the release, Larkin Poe will be hosting some very special expierences for fans throughout this coming weekend:

1/20 at 1pm CT: Facebook Hang
11/20 at 1:30pm CT: Instagram Q&A
11/21 at 2pm CT: YouTube Performance Party
11/22 at 12:30pm CT: Twitch Listening Party

The GRAMMY® Award-nominated sister duo of Rebecca and Megan Lovell kicked things off in June with their fifth studio album, SELF MADE MAN, topping an array of Billboard charts while earning unanimous acclaim around the world. Instead of a summer of tour buses and packed theaters, the Atlanta-bred, Nashville-based Lovells found themselves at home, performing many livestream concerts and adding to their much-loved YouTube covers series. That got them thinking, and led to the idea for the creation of KINDRED SPIRITS, a collection of stripped-back versions of covers, both classic and new, including songs by the Allman Brothers Band, Robert Johnson, Elton John, Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne, and more.

While 2020 was supposed to be a year of hitting the road and taking their new songs to fans around the globe, it transformed into a year of reflection, of looking inward, of looking back. But Larkin Poe being Larkin Poe, looking in and looking back for them is also looking forward as they continue to put their own signature on the traditions they embrace. Not ones to sit around and wait for something to happen, Rebecca and Megan are constantly churning and creating. No one knows what this next year holds, but rest assured Larkin Poe will find ways to keep it fun and interesting for everyone, as we are all kindred spirits.

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